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Michael Lipnick

“Controlling Ebola: Next Steps” by @RanuDhillon @JeffDSachs

Oct. 08, 2014 – In a new commentary in The Lancet, GHhub contributor Ranu Dhillon along with Jeff Sachs discuss the paradox of the current Ebola epidemic – “it is Read More

Jason Nickerson

Health system indicators everywhere! Will we know success when we see it?

Oct. 07, 2014 – I attended the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town last week. The central focus and theme of the conference this year Read More

Jason Nickerson

We have ignored supply chains for essential medicines and devices, and that’s fueling the Ebola epidemic

Oct. 06, 2014 – I recently wrote of the need to understand the Ebola epidemic from the perspective of health systems. As the epidemic continues to spiral out of Read More

Suchita Shah

Malaria in the Little Novels of Sicily, and why we need literature in medicine

Oct. 06, 2014 – “And you feel you could touch it with your hand – as if it smoked up from the fat earth, there, everywhere, round about the Read More